Just another birthday…

Why are birthdays so important to some people? Why are some so focused on presents and expensive meals and “all eyes on me”? I’m not knocking it, I’m simply asking, why?

Yesterday I celebrated my 35th birthday. I got up early and had an average, yet oh so lovely breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. I headed off to a Zumba class with and instructor and friend I haven’t worked out with in a while.  I then headed home before I went off for free kayayking (yes I took advantage of the free kayaking on your birthday deal) on the Allegheny River. I went to my parents where I had hot dogs and coleslaw with some of my family before heading to the drive-in with my nephews. This of course was a treat for them more than me, but I was happy to do it all the same.

My cousin commented to my friend that she felt bad dragging me to the drive-in on my birthday. Feel bad? Why? There is no reason to feel bad. If I didn’t want to go, I wouldn’t have gone. If I wanted to go out with a bunch of friends and eat a pricey meal and drink too much I would have. But yesterday was just another day. I don’t think birthdays are all that special (especially after 21 and then not again until your 80 or so). Sure it was my birthday and I immensely enjoyed all the birthday greetings both in person and online. I was appreciative of the free afternoon of kayaking. But more importantly I was happy to be here: alive, healthy and here with the people I love.

I’m not always the best at sharing my feeling for others. I’m not a hugger or an “I love you” kind of person. Unless your under 10. I find it a lot easier with the kids. But I want everyone to know how much I appreciate them for taking even one minute out of their day to make my birthday special with out anything fancy. Just you being you is all I want. And hopefully just me being me is all others want from me. I’m not so good at being anyone else.


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