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My favorite things about Kennywood yesterday

As a teenager I spent 12 hours a day, six days a week working games at Kennywood. The 12 hours I spent there yesterday were much more exhausting but well worth it.

Here are a few of my favorite things about the day:

  1. While walking into the park the first things you see is the Skyrocket (a really awesome roller coaster). Max, 2 years old and cute as pie, exclaims “I want to go on that one!”
  2. Riding every ride in Kiddie Land four or five times is more tiring for the grown-ups than the kids.
  3. It was a beautifully sunny day. Sunscreen is my friend.
  4. I waited exactly 1 hour from the minute I stepped in line to the minute I stepped off the Exterminator. I love that ride. It may be my favorite.
  5. The tatoo of Jesus carrying His cross that read (use your terminator voice) “I’ll Be Back.”
  6. The young girls whose shirt read “I’m the Pink in his world of Camo.” Really? Better you than me.
  7. The over abundance of horribly dressed people of all ages and sizes. I don’t mean to judge but sometimes I just want to ask others if they looked in the mirror before they left the house. And if so, did the actually like what they saw?
  8.  When you enter Noah’s Ark you enter an elevator that “crashes to the bottom of the elevator shaft” with lights flashing and banging noises. When the door to the elevator opens Cole confidently explains “They tricked us. They flashed the lights.” He had no fear. He may be too smart for his own good. He impressed many strangers with his smarts on that elevator.
  9. The Jack Rabbit. I love it!
  10. Cole and Max are tall enough to ride the Jack Rabbit but not the Racer. I can’t explain it but I am OK with it.
  11. Max happily got on the Jack Rabbit but from the first hill the the end he tried to slip from the seat belt and cried, a lot. When it finally stopped I told Max we were all finished and he shouted with a great deal of excitement, over and over again, “we made it. We made it.” Yes we did, Max. Yes we did!
  12. Patch fries! And a line only 3 deep. I almost hit the floor with disbelief when I saw the lines.
  13. I was able to fill my water bottle five or six or seven times. Thumbs up to staying hydrated.
  14. I think Max likes me. Over two years of saying I don’t think Max really likes me. His mom and Pap pap were present and he still chose to ride with me over and over again. Yay!
  15. Funnel cakes for dinner!

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